Bitcoin Faucet

You can earn free Bitcoin on our website. To earn free satoshis on this website, you must have a bitcoin wallet. If you do not have bitcoin wallet, then you can get your free bitcoin wallet on the coinbase exchange.

Balance: 9694 satoshi

4 (50%), 5 (50%) satoshi every 0 minutes.
14 daily claims left.

Bitcoin Faucet List

Website Satoshi Waiting Time Payment Method
CointalkHOT 30 Satoshi Every min Faucethub
TreasurebitsHOT 40 Satoshi Every 5 min Faucethub
DutchfaucetHOT 37 Satoshi Every min Faucethub
BitcolifeHOT 27 Satoshi Every min Faucethub
FreebitcoHOT 42 Satoshi Every hour Direct
MyawesomeHOT 32 Satoshi Every hour Direct

Recent Payouts

1CFsUY8uAncav8WDkXTUxWjTevdKMpFzZ86 satoshi
1CFsUY8uAncav8WDkXTUxWjTevdKMpFzZ86 satoshi
1HXdr6xVH54uqMPauBDacWp4aFQJ2ZTDZA6 satoshi
3EYjfp4g7BHWZjPB2Ltf3uJ9yB5ihd87XT4 satoshi


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